Saturday, May 29, 2010


This morning has been wonderful, thoughtful, and relaxing... here are a few things I have been thinking:

How tired I am.  Really, this record making thing is truly amazing, but so time consuming, and brain consuming.

The wonderful blessing I have in my life to be able to play music professionally.

Friendships that exist out of amazing love... a family who is supportive... and a wife who amazes, loves, care, and believes in me.  I am so thankful for this time to make my record, and I miss you Stacy.

How these things, whatever it is you are wanting, hoping, praying, or dreaming for... come in time.  Things happen outside our control more often than in control.  Once I let go of trying to somehow make something out of nothing, piece by piece, one at a time, and not in days but months and years, these things have slowly come together.

I am certainly not a patient person... if you are close to me, you certainly know.  But, I am learning.  And I know there is something, someone, who is there to help guide me along the way.

Friday, May 21, 2010

the pressure

You would probably not think that making a record is a difficult task.  It is the mtv guys hanging in some cool room with a bunch of cables and cool lighting; and don't get me wrong, it is something amazing.  But there is also this incredible pressure to create the songs as you imagined and spent copious amounts of time on crafting every melodic line and chord to go with it.  My need to bring them from the paper to the audio recording with perfection is this insanely driving force.  It's hard to explain, but imagine whatever is the single most important goal in your life, the thing you could also not really believe would come to fruition, and then you are actually in the middle of it.  I am doing that very thing... I feel so blessed to be here.

This record will surprise you, it will engage, and you will feel connected with these songs... after all I am a dreamer, and I believe it ...


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LA... Day 1

Today, was a great day.  First things first, even driving in LA is not for the faint of heart. I think I could forfeit my time at the gym just with the pulse raising experience of finding my way to the studio.  But, alas, I did make it... safe and sound.

Justin, my producer, and I, began today working on the "pre-production" or the road map for the tunes. This process is sometimes challenging as the songwriter because you (I) have to take an objective look at the tunes from the vantage point of the listener.  Do the works convey what you are really saying?  Does the melody here work with the passage of the chords... does the song make sense as a whole?  There are many many questions that are part of this experience.

Today we worked through two tunes, start to finish.  By finished, it means that we have a full coordinated roadmap for us to follow once we are ready to begin actually recording the tracks that go onto the record.  I am thrilled to get to work with Justin Glasco, a dear friend, and phenomenally talented musician and producer.  It is hard for me to believe this day, my first day recording my record, is actually here.  It is a good day.

Here is the first studio shot... a visual from the "office" for the next few weeks.

Monday, May 17, 2010


As it is nearing midnight, and I should have been in bed probably 3 hours ago... I am just awed at the love and outpouring of support from all my friends and family.  This upcoming record project is truly a dream that has come true in my life.  I believe these things happen with hard work, with dedication, with passion, and with a little luck too.  And tonight I have this very strong emotion of gratitude and love, for my wife.

I think sometimes our biggest fan is the one who is neglected.  For all the moments when I forget to tell you, Stacy... that I love you, or that you are so supportive, or that you simply are the love of my life... I do, and you are.

This doesn't just come as a simple thanks, or love, but the knowledge that these kinds of endeavors lead me far from home, not towards it. Three weeks in Los Angeles with recording studios, microphones, celebrities, and meeting new people... and my wife at home, by herself.  I guess this is just a reminder for myself as well... to be humble, to be thankful, and grateful for an amazing woman... who is my wife.

love you.

(this is Stacy and I atop the Empire State Building in New York... we finally got that honeymoon to NY and Paris, just 4 years late)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

creating the video

You know... there are a lot of things I have had the pleasure of learning these past couple of months.  What IS a publicist?  How DO you actually do a photo shoot... what exactly IS this video thing you put out there for people to see.

So many things to learn!  However, it is always a fun ride learning new things and I have to tell you, I took my first "stab" and putting together a video with a new song of mine.  You would think a video that is... 1:14 long would take just a few minutes right?  Not for this guy!  Hours... not even sure where the time went.  There will be more of these videos posted eventually and I look forward to hearing what you think...

Things learned thus far:
- this is harder than it looks
- I am a sucker for time on fonts and color of fonts
- more often than not I have to play the video over and over to decide if I like it.. and over... and over...
- once you are completed... it's still not completed... change this, check that, want this...
- this is harder than it looks

love to hear what you think of this video... let me know... post below!

Friday, May 7, 2010

just a good day

Today... enjoyed time with my mom, picked awesome clothes with wonderful people, continued to appreciate Teresa and all she does for me, and got to hang out with my mom and Stacy for a wonderful dinner and movie time together.

Sometimes, you just don't need many words... you need the time together.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This has been the dream week.  Seriously.  It just doesn't happen like this very often.  From start to finish the days have been crazy.  Telephone calls, work and wonderful ministries at church, incredible opportunities for my music, and dreams.  I love dreams.  Dreams are what open my eyes to be able to see past the things right here in front of me, and to know there is something beyond what it physically possible to see.

I don't just have 1 surprise to share in the coming days leading up to the flight out to LA... but 4 SURPRISES!

Yeah... can't believe it.  But you will, and I will be talking about them a lot.  Right.  Here. :)

nighty night!