Sunday, August 22, 2010

CD Release show... only 19 Days Away

Hard to believe really. I have worked so hard on this record... seriously!  Wanting to make this record come together, believing it would, having the time to get to LA, working with amazing musicians, amazing design team, mix and mastering people... all amazing.

So here we are.  Street team is rockin (and YOU can be a part ... ... ) and having lots of fun putting up posters and fliers. The musicians playing the show are so talented, we are going to really bring the place down... all these things are really coming together.

One of the hardest parts of this show was the location, wanting to find a place that would be able to hold everyone coming, be a venue we can easily set up the sound, lighting, and band gear.  Having it at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples... is such a blessing! 

We are coming down to the wire, and we have a few more seats available for the show... and so I am also announcing another sponsorship option for churches, non-profits, civic organizations, small businesses, or even large ones, and of course... just good friends.  From now until they are sold out, you get 10 tickets for $100 ... and a place to put your business card, flier or pamphlet about your business.  I hope you will take this opportunity to bring your friends, church members, and clients, out for a wonderful evening of entertainment ... AND you are helping support a local artist right here in Naples.

Thanks so much everyone.... and I will be seeing you September 10th, 7pm ... Ritz... it's a date!


(here is the link to buy the Ticket Sponsorship packages... )

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Global Ministries

I am so grateful and excited to be sharing a portion of every record sale with Global Ministries.  I hope you will take a few minutes and follow this link... and read and watch a video about it!

peace :)

Friday, August 6, 2010


I always like a good deal... that is why TODAY... you can purchase the tickets to my cd release show ... buy 4 tickets and get one free!  Only today... fantastic Friday!

Here is the paypal link to purchase them... GO NOW!

Nathan Brooks @ The Ritz-Carlton CD Release Show

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

larger than life - this is exciting to share.

I am not sure if you knew this... but for the record (no pun intended there... with a new record and all... wow! :), I tend to not have the patience I should.  And if God didn't have a sense of humor, there are a lot of things happening in my life that I have to well... wait... and wait... and see where they lead.  Certainly something that makes me think about and appreciate life as it happens, and also a daily reminder that I am not the one in control here...

So, there is BIG NEWS... yep... BIG.  And I can finally tell you! A miracle indeed...

Here we go:

A large part of my faith and experience of God first started with a mission trip I went on in the 8th grade, accompanied by my Dad and a fairly good size group of youth and adults.  We headed to Venezuela to help work on several churches, I attempted using the few spanish phrases I knew, and being a really talkative teenager (yeah, imagine that :)... I got to make some new friends.  Of course, these experiences are life changing; they mold us and make us into the people we are today.

I can tell you that mission trip changed my life.  It made me appreciate what I had, the family I had, the church I went to, the house I lived in, and having food on the table each and every night.  This trip was encouragment for me to go out on other mission trips as well, to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and countless trips for Habitat House building, church work days, and camps, literally all over the country.

All of these experiences, friendships, time, and faith building, have helped form who I am, and are a large part of who I am as a songwriter as well.  I want to not only be able to have a great record, and be able to share my faith in the way of singing and worship, but I also want to be able to support in other ways as well.

I am really excited to share with you, about Global Ministries, that does this mission and ministry on a really large scale... ... is an amazing organization, non-profit, voice, hand, heart, and mission... to and for the global church... working right now all over the world.

That is why I have decided to donate a portion of every single copy of "Dream in Truths" I sell to Global Ministries.  They are a non-profit literally putting their money where their mouth is and I am really excited to be able to share in helping make their ministry happen.

I hope you will take time to check out their website and see how you could help with their ministry, and make sure you follow my blog here for updates that will be coming about Global Ministries, and on my email list ... for the very latest with my new record coming out "Dream in Truths" ... let's help make an impact in the world with music, with our resources.. and with our mouths.

Go tell someone...
peace. Nathan

here are the links you need again: 
You can pre-order my record "Dream in Truths" right now... just by following this link and purchase via paypal...

(here is a video I made about all of this exciting stuff!)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

soundtrack to my life

I was sitting writing this on my flight back from Kansas City to Naples a few days ago... wanting to caress each word perfectly, and make sure it was written the way I wanted it... so put your creative cap on... and imagine we are on a flight together... at this very moment...
I am about 15 thousand feet in the air... and climbing.

Literally, at this very moment, on my way back from Kansas City to Naples on an airplane. There is something so intriguing and beautiful with the green sections, neatly separated by streets and the occasional overpass.  I am sitting here sifting through the memories these past few days, with a few old friends, Stacy’s parents, and the time with my parents Tim and Jan, sister Melissa, and brother Christopher.

With my new record coming out, I have approached writing these songs from the perspective of a friend, of a brother, son, a husband, a child of God.  Dreaming of what the world could be.  Dealing with my shortcomings.  Believing there is more to life than we can physically see with our eyes. Trying to somehow mold all those ideas into songs that not only deliver lyrics that explain those ideas, but songs that grab ahold of you.  That talk about my faith.

Music in my life has truly been the one constant other than my family.  It is there when I am creative, when I need to decompress, when I have a burst of energy, when I have those really hard days. Funneling the creative ideas from my brain to the 88 keys of a keyboard or the 6 strings of my beautiful guitar (when I am writing I love to play my Breedlove, a gift from my wife... and probably the second most important thing in my life next to her :) ...  which involves an in-depth, ever evolving writing process for me. Not only is this dynamic process about the flow of one line to the next, but the energy, the emotion, to way a chord moves seamlessly to the next, and a tone that passes so briefly and eloquently that if you aren’t really listening closely you might just miss it.

It’s funny. I love watching the clouds as I fly.  They are never the same.  Today it is pretty sunny, with fluffy cotton ball like clouds. If Stacy was here, I would have an actual cloud name for you, but for this moment cotton ball like clouds will just half to do.  But honestly, it’s moments like this, suspended atop all the hustle and bustle of life as we know it, I find myself being introspective; I  ponder the happenings of my past, present, and certainly my future, which is the basis for the songs that I write.  It is what I would call the soundtrack to my life, the undercurrent of all the things that have happened.  These things all are coming in through my senses... all these things create this soundtrack.

As you listen the first time to my song Soundtrack, I hope you will think about what the soundtrack to your life is.  What moves you, what makes you tick?  How are you called in life to do something beyond just yourself?  This song is about those things;  a great meaning in life than just $5 coffees, glamour, and fancy cars.  We live in a world with so much meaning, so much to discover, and so much more that we can do to make it better.

Let’s listen to that soundtrack... and let’s get to work.

Go to and download it for free...