Wednesday, August 4, 2010

larger than life - this is exciting to share.

I am not sure if you knew this... but for the record (no pun intended there... with a new record and all... wow! :), I tend to not have the patience I should.  And if God didn't have a sense of humor, there are a lot of things happening in my life that I have to well... wait... and wait... and see where they lead.  Certainly something that makes me think about and appreciate life as it happens, and also a daily reminder that I am not the one in control here...

So, there is BIG NEWS... yep... BIG.  And I can finally tell you! A miracle indeed...

Here we go:

A large part of my faith and experience of God first started with a mission trip I went on in the 8th grade, accompanied by my Dad and a fairly good size group of youth and adults.  We headed to Venezuela to help work on several churches, I attempted using the few spanish phrases I knew, and being a really talkative teenager (yeah, imagine that :)... I got to make some new friends.  Of course, these experiences are life changing; they mold us and make us into the people we are today.

I can tell you that mission trip changed my life.  It made me appreciate what I had, the family I had, the church I went to, the house I lived in, and having food on the table each and every night.  This trip was encouragment for me to go out on other mission trips as well, to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and countless trips for Habitat House building, church work days, and camps, literally all over the country.

All of these experiences, friendships, time, and faith building, have helped form who I am, and are a large part of who I am as a songwriter as well.  I want to not only be able to have a great record, and be able to share my faith in the way of singing and worship, but I also want to be able to support in other ways as well.

I am really excited to share with you, about Global Ministries, that does this mission and ministry on a really large scale... ... is an amazing organization, non-profit, voice, hand, heart, and mission... to and for the global church... working right now all over the world.

That is why I have decided to donate a portion of every single copy of "Dream in Truths" I sell to Global Ministries.  They are a non-profit literally putting their money where their mouth is and I am really excited to be able to share in helping make their ministry happen.

I hope you will take time to check out their website and see how you could help with their ministry, and make sure you follow my blog here for updates that will be coming about Global Ministries, and on my email list ... for the very latest with my new record coming out "Dream in Truths" ... let's help make an impact in the world with music, with our resources.. and with our mouths.

Go tell someone...
peace. Nathan

here are the links you need again: 
You can pre-order my record "Dream in Truths" right now... just by following this link and purchase via paypal...

(here is a video I made about all of this exciting stuff!)

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