Sunday, August 22, 2010

CD Release show... only 19 Days Away

Hard to believe really. I have worked so hard on this record... seriously!  Wanting to make this record come together, believing it would, having the time to get to LA, working with amazing musicians, amazing design team, mix and mastering people... all amazing.

So here we are.  Street team is rockin (and YOU can be a part ... ... ) and having lots of fun putting up posters and fliers. The musicians playing the show are so talented, we are going to really bring the place down... all these things are really coming together.

One of the hardest parts of this show was the location, wanting to find a place that would be able to hold everyone coming, be a venue we can easily set up the sound, lighting, and band gear.  Having it at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples... is such a blessing! 

We are coming down to the wire, and we have a few more seats available for the show... and so I am also announcing another sponsorship option for churches, non-profits, civic organizations, small businesses, or even large ones, and of course... just good friends.  From now until they are sold out, you get 10 tickets for $100 ... and a place to put your business card, flier or pamphlet about your business.  I hope you will take this opportunity to bring your friends, church members, and clients, out for a wonderful evening of entertainment ... AND you are helping support a local artist right here in Naples.

Thanks so much everyone.... and I will be seeing you September 10th, 7pm ... Ritz... it's a date!


(here is the link to buy the Ticket Sponsorship packages... )

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