Thursday, September 2, 2010

merch. it's not just any t-shirt

You have no idea how picky I am.  Well, maybe you do!

But the fine folks at T-Shirt Express in Naples sure do, because after spending copious amounts of time over phone and email we spent another 2 hours yesterday hammering out styles, colors, sizes, shapes... colors, did I mention COOLness, for the merch.

That means that what you are going to start seeing (and get a sneak peak at and click on big cartel) is the fruits of all the hard work not just with the cd and recording, but the overall design concepts with everything.  We went KILLER with the designs ( ... he will blow your mind!) and we went with the sport fit shirts with great feeling-gotta-have-it material for the guys, and of course the ladies not only have the amazing feeling shirts... but the bam-she-lookin-good in the fit, cut, and colors for the ladies.  Even down to the tanks (just wait... black, hot, awesomeness) ... that are the best we can get.

So I can't wait for you to see everything, but go check out the shopping cart, pick your chin up off the floor, be happy, pick which shirts and how many cd's you need for each aunt, uncle, and perhaps third cousin you are going to need... and get ready!

Right now I also have a special... awesome, comfy, and super hip Nathan Brooks logo shirt that I am selling for ONLY $10! Yes, you read that right... so get it right now... order it up, rock the shirt... and get ready for the rest of them coming.

Order your dark blue one... well, how about... NOW!

:) See you in your city, your house, your church, your venue... soon.  Make sure you email me where I should be playing, or if you want to have me play for you


Nathan Brooks Logo T-Dark Blue

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