Thursday, September 9, 2010

well... cd release show... friend... you are here

Seriously! Can it really, actually, really... actually.... be here!? 

Well I can tell you this much: a lot of people have worked so hard to make this show come together.  There have been a lot of challenges with the economy and sponsors for the show, finding the most amazing band EVER, putting together the show itself and all the little details... there is a lot that goes into an event like this.

But I have to also tell you, what a blessing this is.  My record is finally together, reviews are really going well, people are digging the record, and for the first time I get to play this record out live that I have literally worked 2 years on.  What a blessing...

There really are too many people to name... but thank you all.  This is a dream come true... and tomorrow night, Friday September 10th... we are going to rock the world of Naples, FL with a great concert that was put on not by one person... but by the "whole village".

God is good... friends are good... my amazing wife... so good... and family just arrived from KC at the airport here... so I am overjoyed.

Sleep well... maybe get a few zzz's for me too.


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